Home or Building Mitigation

If high levels of radon are found in your home or building, it can fixed by installing a radon reduction system. Radon Relief installs reduction systems specifically designed for your home or building. We do not use one size fits all (cookie cutter type) radon systems.  There are many types of systems. Sub-membrane and sub-slab depressurization are some examples .  Radon systems are intended to be permanently installed systems to the structure expected to perform for the life of the structure with minor maintenance and testing. The system installed will conform to applicable building code, EPA & NRPP standards. We have experienced staff who have installed reduction systems in all types of homes, including crawlspaces, slabs and basements. Radon Relief has extensive experience in homes that are difficult to fix. We also have experience in mitigating apartments and commercial buildings. 

• Some homes may already have a passive system installed. Radon Relief can activate and/or modify your system. 

Radon in Water Mitigation

Elevated levels of radon in water can be lowered by installing specific filtration or aeration equipment. These systems are installed either at the point of water entry, or the point of water source. 

• Radon Relief is well versed with both types of systems. We will install the type of system for your specific needs. 

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